Northern Stretch Forming

A variety of industries, including architecture, aerospace, and manufacturing, use stretch forming or metal bending to achieve the seamless, curved metal surfaces of many complex structures and components. We stretch a piece of metal around a forming die so that it has a specific radius. Stretch forming is ideal for critical parts of larger objects, such as the inlet skin of the Air Force’s A-1o Warthog, the curved skylight system of the San Diego Convention Center and the 7-story continuous descending spiral in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

We specialize in creating precision stretch formed metal pieces with high tolerances.

We also design and produce curved metal for smaller-scale industry, and many of the applications are so individualized that they’re never duplicated. Our team is experienced and extremely skilled.

It used to be that a laborer would attach a piece of unshaped metal to the specially designed die with clamps, and then carefully hammer the metal to fit the die, piece by piece. Our unique cutting-edge processes use carefully calibrated machines to make metal forming more efficient and even more precise.

And unlike the stretch forming of yesteryear, our products have no marks or visible stresses that a hammer might leave behind. We also make the process cheaper by suggesting metals that will bend with the least amount of resistance, saving money on time spent in the actual manipulation of the metal. We can also buy large quantities of metal at a cheaper price to reduce the overall cost of the project.

Our cost-effective stretch forming is important for the architectural industry, whose structural innovation and corresponding design can be directly influenced by the expense of the metal bending process. Keeping costs down and delivering the finest product was important in our production of the metal panel system for the North Carolina State University Stadium, the stainless steel handrail in base shoe for the Fountainbleu Club in Miami Beach, the barrel vaulted skylight for the Frazier Mountain High School in Lebec, California, and the project we’re ready to do for you.

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